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trojan horse?

i have a few trojans on the computer and cannot find the files they are in: t/horse psw.bispy.e, t/horse downloade.stubby.a, t/horse tsw.bispy.a and b, t/horse and bg.

they are in files named: c:\_RESTORE/temp. all the files have different numbers at the end.

i have just installed mcafee anti virus software and they say the viruses cannot be removed, deleted or quarantined. can you please suggest something to get rid of them as my computer keeps crashing.

December 2004
Hi Terri
The only thing that got rid of the Trojan StartPage.1 was from it will cost you $35 but if it dosn't work then they will give you your money back. I'm sure it will work for you.
But start with downloading some free software and try that first eventually building up to some you have to pay for.
On my system I have Antivir, Spybot Search and Destroy, Diamond CS TDS3, Spyware Blaster and NoAdware.
All available through Google, most were free downloads others were ($8) and ($35). All have their own strengths and weaknesses.
All the sites I have listed are trustworthy so no worries about saying yes. Dont bother with Norton it does not work very well and says the system is free when it is still infected.
Remember to Turn off System restore first though.
Its under My Computer (right click) Propertied...System Restore....Check the Turn off box.
Turn it on whe all is well and you are free of Trojans and Viruses
Good luck!

Bob the Builder
February 2005
This page will be useful ...

Dan S
December 2004
Turn off System Restore (you'll find this via your My Computer Icon.)
Doing this will delete all the files in your Restore Folder. (You'll delete all of your existing Restore Points, but no pain no gain.)
Once you have done this reboot and do a complete scan of your PC with your Anti-Virus Software. Once your PC is free of Trojans you can turn System Restore back on.

December 2004

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