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how do I get rid of mailer-daemon?

I have tried everything to get rid of this monster, please help

Jennifer Ryan
March 2011
i have try every thing

April 2012
Some correction and added informations:

The messages are NOT generated by your ISP or webmail provired.
The messages are generated by the server on the recipient side.

If it's NOT in response to some e-mail you sent, then the most probable cause is as follow:

The computer of somebody, somewhere in the world, is infected by a virus and used to relay SPAM.

Your address have been harvested somewhere.

The virus puts your e-mail address in the "From:" field and possibly also in the "Reply to:" field.

At least some of the spamed addresses are fake or no longer active.

Final word: There is nothing you can do to stop those automaticaly generated, and legitimate, information messages.
You can set filtering rules to place them is a special folder or delete them.

July 2011
You don't!
You should not even try to remove it. It's an indispensable service needed to transfet e-mails.

Anyway, it don't reside on your computer, unless you appen to be running a mail server. It runs on your ISP or webmail provider.

If you get a message from it, it tells you that some e-mail delivery failled for some reason. The reason is explained in the notification.

That notification is in plain text.
If it contains ANY attachment, it's possibly a fake. Read the text, but NEVER open any attachment and DON'T follow any link.

Message say: user/recipient unknown.
Double check the addresses of your recipients, some may be no longer valid/active.

Check if ther inboxes are full. Full inboxes can't receive your message and generate a mailes daemon notification.

daemon stands for:
Access and

April 2011


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