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Shimano auto-4 change km/hr to mph?

I (my wife) has a 2004 Bianchi Auto-Milano with a Shimano Nexus Auto-D 4 speed hub. The speedo reeds in km/hr and I want to change it to mph. I downloaded a manual which said to follow steps 1-4 on page 15 first then do .... The manual is 8 pages long and page 15 is in the manual for the dealer. Can anyone tell me what steps I need to follow to change the readout, besides multiplying reading by 0.62.

Thanks in advance. John

John Meyers
July 2008
put the selector to .D. or DS, then push and hold the two arrows (up and down) ad the same time for 4 seconds... a letter "A" will appear ...go to letter "B" touching one arrow down,,,, touch then the other arrow up.... a number will appear ...11 for km or 22 for miles..if 11 appears change it for 22 pushing the up arrow ,,,, and it is done

yves albert paquette
December 2010
here is where to find out how to install and make corrections with your system. i am still looking for a basic users manual

magnificent mechanic miguel
July 2009


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