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connect printer by wirless to Vista laptop?

How to connect my Laptop Windows Vista to Epson Stylus SX425W Printer?
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an emachine et1810-01 desktop pc and how can i solve the problem?

ibhave an emachine et1810-01 with windows vista progam 32bit sp2 one night i leave my pc on for update the nex... [Read more]
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how to fix my acer laptop 5630?

when turn on comes up booting windows vista then says boot failed press any key to enter command what do i d... [Read more]
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AVG installation fails on Windows 7?

I have recently upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7. On attempting to reinstall the freeware version of... [Read more]
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Laptop won't install updates, NTLDR error message computer won't boot up?

Tried to up grade Toshiba Laptop, from Windows XP to Windows Vista Business, Laptop won't install updates and ... [Read more]
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how do i get cool and quiet installed?

i have a windows vista and i want to download cool and quiet. it was downloaded before but not by me. i have a... [Read more]
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Factory Reset E -System 3115?

Well, I've recently discovered a problem with my Vista run laptop. It loads up fine and all, makes it to the r... [Read more]
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how can i fix my epson stylus photo r245?

i installed new ink catridges after a few months of not using the printer.I also upgrade from windows vista to... [Read more]
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I checked defrag and the fault lies with (system volume information)it will not defrag this, as it does on my ... [Read more]
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my compaq presario (windows vista)won't do a complete defrag?I'm using defrag from piriform but it still shows... [Read more]

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