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Laptop won't install updates, NTLDR error message computer won't boot up?

Tried to up grade Toshiba Laptop, from Windows XP to Windows Vista Business, Laptop won't install updates and now NTLDR error message comes on screen at start up.
Can I download free NTLDR from Toshiba or other resource?

Ben Davis
September 2012
NTLDR is the boot loader. It's absolutely needed to boot from any NTFS formated drive. It's a CORE Windows component.
It's NOT offered as a freestanding file.

You probably need to reinstall/repair the OS, or update to 7, to fix that problem. You may try to boot from the install DVD and chose the REPAIR or UPDATE option when offered.
I suggest that you go for Windows 7 instead of Vista. It's faster, use LESS resources than Vista, have many bug fixed,... The installation from Vista is SAFE for your data.

October 2012


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