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What's causing the issie?

I have a Sagem Freeview HD Recorder where the remote is working but nothing is happening at the set top box en... [Read more]
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Internal error - TVonics set top box?

When watching TV got the following message - there is an internal error - then the digi box shuts down and sta... [Read more]
Mend Video, DVD Players

Freeview box- goodmans?

My fr,eeview box is stuck with the green light on and wont change channels, I have tried turning off at the wa... [Read more]
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Need help with my Thomson HD Set Top Box Model No.JL8006?

Will not record directly from T.V., will not record timed programmes and will not allow entry into menu for pr... [Read more]
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My Humax YouView Set Top Box suddenly making a purple picture?

My Humax YouView box is making a purple picture. When I turn it on and my TV on I either get no picture fro... [Read more]
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Door insect screen?

I have a horizontal fly/insect screen on a caravan I just bought can anyone tell me how the roller tension is ... [Read more]
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Does anyone know the remote code for a Ferguson F01 SDBE Set Top Box?

I have just purchased an One for All remote, but it does not have the remote code for a Ferguson F01 SDBE set ... [Read more]
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Picture breaks up when music is played on m Humax 9300T?

I have a Humax 9300T set- top box but when I play programmes that I have recorded the picture breaks up i.e wh... [Read more]
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creda double oven - part blows/ trips main fuse ?

CREDA CONTINENTAL Double Oven When the top oven is switched on it will then trip the main household fuse ... [Read more]

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