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Need help with my Thomson HD Set Top Box Model No.JL8006?

Will not record directly from T.V., will not record timed programmes and will not allow entry into menu for programmes already recorded. In fact anything to do with recording does not work. Message, "Format Device" flashes on screen when trying to record normally.

August 2015

More good luck...
August 2015
I do not know these machines - or any other similar machines - but the message you report strongly suggests that the disk onto which the recordings are made has become corrupted - it may be slightly defective or it may be very broken - but the message Format Device suggests an inability to write to or read from the disk.

It may have to visit the video doctor - it may need a new disk.

Look in your user manual for any instructions about formatting the disk - or on line perhaps.

Good Luck...
August 2015

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