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How do i get the fuel gauge on Sukida 125 Motorbike to work?

The fuel gauge is not working on my Sukida 125cc Motorbike and i can't find how to fix it can anyone help....?
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how to find my alarm system on my sukida 125cc moped?

how to find my alarm system on my sukida 125cc moped, the name is not on my key and i can not find it on the b... [Read more]
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rev up?

My sukida 125 starts fine and ticks over fine but will not rev up - checked air filter not blocked sprayed eve... [Read more]
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Won't start sukida SK 50 QT scooter 50cc?

I have a sukida sk 50 qt, 50cc, scooter which has only done 250 miles. When I brought the scooter the battery ... [Read more]
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sukida drive belt?

hiya i have purchased a new belt but its slipping off any idea how i adjust the thing .thx
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my sukida 125 will start will go into gear will rev when reved will run ?

on standin all gears but when i go to pull away it strugles to do so
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how can i fix my sukida sportsman 125?

the bike starts fine but wont tick over,i have tried the timing screw but makes no difference,as soon as let g... [Read more]
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My sukida SK50QT will not start with electric starter?

I have tried to start my sukida SK50Qt as its been stood for a while, with the electric start, but all i hear ... [Read more]
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back fireing?

sukida commander 125 back fireing
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sukida sk50?

just fitted new piston,rings, and barrel. How do i set the timing?, markings on crank are F & T. download manu... [Read more]

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