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how do i reset my key to the immobiliser?

I took my car to a garage its a ten plate corsa, purely for a check up. The mechanic removed a few items and r... [Read more]
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ldv convoy no ignition, lights, starting?

Have an 03 ldv convoy minibus at work, that doesn't work! it cut out and now has no lights, ignition or start... [Read more]
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1997 Renault Megane immobiliser over-ride/ reprogramme?

Please help- cant use my car! The 4 digit code inside my key is 8214 .... have tried repeatedly following inst... [Read more]
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How can I reset rover 214 immobiliser ?

Hi is there any one know how to re sat immobiliser on rover 214 chèvre late . I can open the door but I can't... [Read more]
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how to replace my ldv convoy ecu?

hi I have a ldv convoy (2000) FORD TURBO DEISEL 2.5 there is a problem with the immobiliser ecu and think it n... [Read more]
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bypass immobiliser peugeot 306 1998?

yes i have tested battery and that is ok have been told it is the immobiliser but 2 different answers as to wh... [Read more]
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reset or bybass immobiliser for petrol peurgeot 306 1998?

please help just bought peugeot 306 it was sat outside for 2 days went to go out in it and battery was dead, c... [Read more]
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electronic fault renault megane dynamique 04?

garage programmed new fob for renault megane 1.4 dynamique 04. worked well for one month then car immobiliser ... [Read more]
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ehere is the immobilizer chip on chev spark 2005?

p1628 immobiliser communicate failure this is the tdc i get when i scan the car,so i need to replace or progra... [Read more]
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Clio Starting problems?

Hi, I have a 1999 Renault Clio Diesel to which I have just had to change the ignition barrel. (I've changed... [Read more]
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how to fix electronic immobiliser fault on citreon xsara Picasso 2002?

I had to change the ignition harness switch now it says electronic immobiliser fault .
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can you get me immobiliser code for my 1998 2.0ltr megane drop top?

key fob's been destroyed,no spare.. The vin number is vf1eaoho518333750. Would be good if you can save me a pr... [Read more]
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Clio immobiliser fault?

I too have been having problems with the immobiliser. I've only had one key working for the last 9 years and ... [Read more]
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i need immobiliser code for renault megane 97 please?

i need immobiliser code for renault megane 97
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i need the four digit code to reset the immobiliser on a renault megane ?

my battery went flat on my Renault Megane cabriot R reg,the immobiliser does not respond to the door or igniti... [Read more]
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I have mislaid my security code for 2004 Rover 25 ?

I have mislaid my security code for my Rover 25 2004 I need to activate immobiliser to start engine.
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how do i fix the raio showing secure?

how do i go about re-initialising the NATS system using CONSULT-II and the immobiliser PIN code of almera tino... [Read more]
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How can I bypass the immobiliser on my peugeot 106?

Hi there I've recently bought a peugeot 106 petrol 1.1 but the past owner had lost the keys I'm going to race ... [Read more]
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Why cant I find Antenna ring for immobiliser for Renault Clio 1999?

I have 1999 Renault Clio which died on 23rd Dec 2013 due to immobiliser fault. Renault cannot find one, I cann... [Read more]
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Can I bypass my immobiliser on my Hyundai lantra 1999?

My immobiliser will not turn the car on. Is there any way I can bypass it doing it myself.

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