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external hard drive switch?

i have a gemchu3.5"/jt external hards drive 250g that has stopped switching on--i suspect the on/off switch. i can open one end but the inside will not pull out (cover won't pull off.? the other end has screws but that end is covered in plastic and inaccessible. how do i get at the switch?

October 2016
Looks like it's not conceived to be serviceable, and I can't find information about it on the web.

If the actual drive can be removed from the casing, my bet would be to remove it and mount it into another casing. You can get some empty casing in many computer related stores. Just make sure that the new casing support IDE drives as your 250 Gb drive is several years old and likely to be of the IDE variety, not a SATA.
If your computer is a desktop, you can also probably install it inside the computer itself as an additional drive.

November 2016

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