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Diagnostic report on boxer van?

had a diagnostic report and it shows p1163 92 - permanent - programing of diesel injector failed .
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Sounds like a 1930’s tractor?

Morning all. We have a 2004 vivaro 1.9 diesel. When driving the electrical fault lights up on the dash and the... [Read more]
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How can i fix my van?

my van stopped as if it had run out of diesel i put more diesel in it is now turning over but wont start and t... [Read more]
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no accelerator pedal?

1997 LDV CONVOY 2.5 DIESEL van starts fine, but the accelerator pedal won't rev up or drive, anyone had the sa... [Read more]
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Renault van?

Would be grateful for any other additions as to why it runs then stops. Diesel not Turbo runs stops then ... [Read more]
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Changed diesel filter on van and it won't start now?

How can I fix it now there's like no fuel is getting to my engine
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changing a faulty alternator?

how can i drop the faulty alternator on a 03 ford transit T280 2 litre diesel van please???? ive managed to r... [Read more]
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55 plate vivaro?

my van will turn over but not fire . has new injectors diesel pump and filters ,,, no fault codes showing ....... [Read more]
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Boxer van in limp mode?

I have a Peugeot boxer 2014 2.2 Diesel van and yesterday it went into limp mode and it said check engine My fr... [Read more]
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Berlingo van won't start?

My van turns over with the key but won't start. I've checked the fuses and sprayed WD-40 on all the connectors... [Read more]

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