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Gardenline type XYZ442/2015UK, code 04/2015, PLU65081?

whilst cutting a hedge the blades stopped moving although the engine is still running. Any ideas? I'm using ... [Read more]
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How can I mend Hayter 41 Quantum blade not turning?

I have a Hayter 41 Quantum and there are two issues:- The first is that the blade has stopped turning. The... [Read more]
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Heater fan intermittent, now stopped.?

Nissan Almera 2005, with A/C but never worked. It has been idle for several months but starts easily. Had t... [Read more]
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Indicators not working if engine running - 1997 Iveco 75e15?

Indicators not working if engine running Indicators work when just ignition on Any ideas?
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LPG fuel supply problem?

I know this is an old thread but just hoping Fred or anyone can help. I have the same van - LDV Convoy on a... [Read more]
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725m ?

mountfield 725m engine running soon as I try to engage blades engine stalls whats the problem
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Leyland Daf 45/150 fuel problem?

Hi Everyone, I’m new to this group and forum, reason for my joining is that, I’d be very great full of som... [Read more]
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Gazelle W11?

Hi I have a number of Westwood tractor mowers and look after them myself. I recently purchased a Gazelle-w11... [Read more]
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lawn mower briggs and stratton classic 35?

engine not running smoothly speeds up then slows down black smoke out of exhaust
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White smoke when cold start?

I have a 1992 Iveco 75E14 4 cylinder horsebox, when starting from cold it has to turn over 6or7 times before i... [Read more]

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