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How can I repair the faulty heating in my Citroen C5?

The heater of my Citroen C5 diesel (07 Reg.) blows only cold air with the control setting at max. heat. Any he... [Read more]
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citroen imobiliser . ad on type?

i've got a 2000 reg semi electric pump, with the citroen immobiliser on the fuel system as standard, i have my... [Read more]
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how to fix citroen berlingo 55 reg air bag com2000?

the air bag lamp is on and the horn does not work, i believe it is a fault with the com2000 unit can it be fix... [Read more]
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Citroen C5 air con fault? 53 reg?

Fan symbol goes blank air con and fan fail to work. Last time fitted new resistor module and all OK. This time... [Read more]
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How to fix heater?

R reg citroen zx only blows cold air and wont warm up there is nothing wrong with the thermostat and all coola... [Read more]
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citroen heater?

Hi i have just bought citroen xsara 1.9 turbo diesel, r reg but heater is only blowing slightly warm air. p... [Read more]
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citroen xantia p reg 1.9td?

my air conditioned is working ,but the fan does not and none of the controls for it ,cheked the fuses and thei... [Read more]
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How do I clean out the air con in a citroen xsara picasso?

how do i clean out the air con in a citroen xsara picasso 2000 reg
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Citroen Relay Brake Vacuum Pump?

Citroen Relay Van 2.5 diesel, non-turbo, non-air con 1997 P reg. The replacement pump is a re-mortgage job an... [Read more]
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how can i fix the air bag warning light on my citroen saxo?

citroen saxo R reg; air bag warning light has started to flash after about 5 min;
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t-reg citroen saxo keeps cutting out?

saxo cuts out between 15-25 ish mph when slowing or changing down a gear... citroen had it on a diagnostics... [Read more]

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