2 hours ago: How can i mend my towa nt 1081 cash register?

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my thomson 250 gb wont let me play my recordings?

my thomson 250gb box wont let me play my recordings it pops up with your hard disk drive is not ready yet it... [Read more]
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TVonics - disk or recording copying?

I have TVonics DTR 250. Is it possible to copy a program from DTR's disk to a PC? Can I remove the hard disk ... [Read more]
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Thomson keeps stating that I have no hard -disk?

Do not have contract with Top up TV any more , but have been using box as a recorder but does not record or pa... [Read more]
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How to fix the booting problem?

I have an old, assembled desk top loaded with win7 ultimate. It has got 80 GB hard disk and 1 GB RAM. Earlier ... [Read more]
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motherboard doesnot read hard disk?

i had a new IDE hard drive installed in my laptop,but it keeps showing Primary hard disk drive 0 failure .how ... [Read more]
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dell optiphex g270?

When I press power button light is yellow and will not turn green to start up windows. Can power switch be... [Read more]
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how can i fix my compaq nc6120?

i have just bought an hp compaq nc6120. when i press the power on button nothing comes up only the green power... [Read more]
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how can I fix my Techwood digital tv-recorder?

when this region went digital my techwood,model AEDTR80S7,shows "starting" on its panel and "Please wait while... [Read more]
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my hd sagem freeview box isw not working?

does any1 know any1 who fixes hd freeview boxes, i have a sagem digital terrestrail tv receiver/recorder with ... [Read more]
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Aspire 3054 dead (almost)?

I have an Aspire 3054 - Inherited already faulty. When I power on, I hear the sound of the fan for a while (2 ... [Read more]
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fitted new hard drive to compaq c700 how come my disk wont boot ?

all i get is missing ntdlr
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i formatted the hard disk and firm have been deleted
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how to fix snapper rear engine rider drive system?

i need a new gear shifter for my mower it broke it was hard to shift gears i tried new drive disk but i cant g... [Read more]
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Thompson TUTV remote?

Currently having problems with Thompson TUTV remote. The response to the remote is sometimes sluggish and the ... [Read more]
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