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How can I fix my?

BT Synergy 5500 cordless phone, showing 'busy' after dialling outside line.
Mend Telephones, Cordless Phone

BT Synergy 4500. How to fix add on base?

My add on base has died. Will it be more likely to be the actual wire and plug at fault or the cradle. I am ha... [Read more]
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how do I open b.t.synergy 900?

how do I open bt.synergy 900 to replace battery?
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Base not working properly?

Base will no longer allow me to delete messages or skip BT synergy
Mend Telephones, Cordless Phone

BT SYNERGY 400 Handset - problem with answering calls?

Two of my handsets do not work when trying to answer a call. When the phone rings pressing the green button to... [Read more]
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how can i fix my bt synergy 4500 ?

my answer phone is locked and all 3 hand sets have external call flashing on them cannot stop it
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Flashing P?

My BT Synergy 5500 ansaphone is flashing P - all ansaphone fuctions are disabled. It appears that it's still p... [Read more]
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How can i fix my BT Synergy 5500 handset?

My Bt Synergy 5500 Handset was not working for long so I replaced the batteries in the handset now it wont wor... [Read more]
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Will not record an incoming call?

I purchased a BT Synergy 4500 (Quad phone) system in 2007, but have only now needed to use it. Although I can ... [Read more]
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bt synergy 5500 has a flashing c error , what does it mean?

My 3 phones are intermittently searching for its base . All have new batteries. I have checked all connection ... [Read more]

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