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How can I turn on my BT Freestyle 750 phone?

I have brought a BT Freestyle 750 triple set (used)
I've had all base sets on charge for 4 days. Tried to turn it on on the first day but it kept turning off, so thought it needed charging.
Today none of the handsets will turn on. I'm holding the red power button, is there a specific amount of time you need to hold this to turn them on?

October 2021
Manuals here:

Have you bought these brand new or second hand?

If new, there is probably a plastic tag in the battery compartment that you have to remove (see the manual) before the phone will charge.

If secondhand, check the batteries are OK, not leaking/corroded and are in the right way round.

The batteries may simply be knackered - nicd batteries do deteriorate, especially if left to run flat and not charged. You'll need 2 off AAA NiCd batteries per phone.

Maybe try a pair of batteries to see. eBay or Amazon are probay a good place to start.

October 2021

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