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How can I mend my Siemens HB55M550B oven?

Siemens double oven, HB55M550B/03. Top oven working fine. Bottom oven fan and light work but none of the elements - base, rear or grill. Help! It was working at lunchtime!

November 2023
Update. Although this website seems fairly useless, might as well write latest info.

Inspected main power board and discovered blackened tracks under relay for main oven. Of course! One option would be to repair board but simpler option of new PCB ordered.

Happy oven.

Oven owner
December 2023
Thanks for replying Jhf. There's no thermostat, the oven has a PTC sensor. I can't find how to test that at the moment. It's showing a resistance / continuity of 543.5Ohm.

I tried all the oven programs, grill, base heat, fan heat etc and nothing started heating. Only the light came on and the rear fan got going.

I've resistance tested all the elements and they're all fine.

There does seem to be some other parts, perhaps thermal cutout etc but I can't find description of them or what their readings should be!

op dave
November 2023
Check it hasn't been switched to auto.
Possibly a switch or 5hermostat has failed.

November 2023

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