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I have a Samsung ER 4940 cash register when I run the Z1 rep?

I work with a Samsung er-4940 cash register it's an old big register and I made a couple of errors and corrected them and my boss is calling me a thief because when I ran the Z1 report it said department till and then it has the amount $27 and he says that I've been taking $27 out of the till for the last week and I need to prove to him that I don't know what that means I have no clue what he's talking about could you please help me figure out what is going on

September 2022
Rather than a general forum you might try specialists. Here's one that might help:

If you do contact them, try to be a bit more specific than "a couple of errors" and "corrected them". What errors and how did you correct them.

Get a (clear) photo of the disputed report if you've not already done so. If you can, get the original printout too.

You should have flagged the mistakes as and when they happened and given the boss a chance to see what was going on.

September 2022


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