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how can i fix hardware problrm in my laptop ?

they are saying there is a hardware problem this hardware is expire and i have to change it so how can i change it?

May 2020
Your poor description of the problem cannot possibly give us enough information to even begin to help you I'm sorry to say.
Hardware in a laptop does not "expire" as far as I'm aware. Software licenses of the other hand, can expire.
My first thought is that you have had a pop up message from a "tech support" scammer, which you should ignore and not phone whatever number is mentioned in the message.
My second thought, prompted by the way you have asked the question, is that you should shut down your laptop and take it to a computer engineer to gain expert advice.

May 2020
What is the "hardware problem"?

Who are "they"

What do you mean by "this hardware is expire"?

May 2020


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