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How can I format an external Intel 180GB SSD (USB?

I have a portable SSD drive (USB connected) which I seem to have corrupted possibly by interrupting a format.
When I plug in the USB drive it briefly appears as a drive, but then disappears. This makes it very difficult to try to format it, because whichever tool I use they struggle to show the drive as a device which can be formatted.
I have tried using different PCs. (Windows and Linux)
If I leave the drive plugged into Windows for ages it will eventually show as a RAW drive.
I have tried different tools. (Windows and Linux)
It would be an amazing coincidence if the drive has physically failed during a format. I do think it is most l have corrupted it.
I don't need to preserve any data on it, but I would like to use it again.

November 2021
I've tried Disk Manager and DiskPart within Windows and neither of these work, because the drive does not remain listed in devices.
I need a lower level tool if there is one.

November 2021

November 2021

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