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Simpson Eziset 550 Agitator stopped functioning?

Simpson Eziset 550 Agitator stopped functioning.

I'm worried that I'm adding to the pile here, but noticed many lacked details in their question, but here goes.

I've had my Simpson Eziset 550 now for about 8 years give or take, and replacement is not an option at the moment. The cycle (all of them) work right the way through, but my agitator will not move in either directions. I can hear the hum as it tries both clockwise and anti, but there is no movement. I managed to get the washer up to the agitator part of the wash, and have some details. When the cycle starts, I can see the agitator move in a clockwise direction every 5 secs or so. I assume this is to facilitate even weight or powder distribution during the start of the cycle, but this is perhaps using the spin motor as it's only on for about a second. When the wash cycle starts (after fill up), I can hear the hum which sounds like the motor is trying to drive flip flop every second. So it hums for a second, then stops for a second, then repeats. Again, I'm assuming this is changing from one direction, pause, then other direction. When I tried to see if the agitator was seized, it would not rotate counter clockwise, but would clockwise until an audible click was heard, then it stopped rotating by hand. I assumed this was the clutch or break. The same click is heard during cycle change and opening the lid during spin - something I've done maybe 10 times in it's life. I then took a look under the machine thinking maybe the belt had somehow come off, even though I knew that was silly, but want to rule out from easiest to hardest. I noticed the part labeled washing motor that had about a 10 gauge cable coming out of it and thought this could be the break trigger, but given the label - possibly a mechanical switch. It's connected to a small white piece of plastic that in turn in seated to (again) what I assume is a gear or clutch mechanism surrounding the agitator under the machine. I only talk of this because at first I'd thought it my problem, when the plastic connected to the cable just came off. I rotated the agitator counter clockwise and noticed the ?clutch? open some, and allow the plastic to be reattached with the cable threaded, but no. It was just a coincidence I guess because the machine has returned to the way it was. All hum, no fun.

Any Help Please?

Chris Maher
May 2022

June 2022

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