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Simpson encore 555 wont turn on when switched on?

My simpson encore 555 washing machine wont switch on when I turn it on.Does it mean main power board is blown.

May 2020
No. I can almost guarantee it is a dry (broken) solder joint on the main board. Take the board out and open it up to see the underside of where the Mains plug goes onto the board, Next to the fuse. Look for a bad joint. Usually you will see some black around it where it was sparking. Scrape back a small bit of the varnish on the track to expose a bit more copper, then resolder the joint. This is a very common fault on that machine. If the machine ever agitates only one way, look for the same thing (bad solder joint) as those pins crack too.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
May 2020


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