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How do I stop the overheating of our Ultima 65 laminator?

My school has the Ultima 65 laminator, until recently it worked fine just had to change the rolls of paper. Unfortunately, this last I was not in town and someone installed the rolls incorrectly resulting in a horrible disaster. Anyways, after taking it apart, cleaning, all the excess off and returning everything it its place it now over heats. The ready light indicator never engages and it never beeps. I have left it on for long periods of time but it never engages and then smells awful from the overheating. Is there a way to fix this?

C. Rougeau
August 2021
You have obviously either not "returned everything to its place" oryou have damaged something.

The laminator heats up but doesn't stop heating when it reaches temperature. Do how does it know what temperature it has reached?

I would guess there is a sensor or sensors possibly in or near one of the heated rollers. This, or the wiring to it may be damaged or a connector not connected.

How is the desired temperature set?fits a simple knob then this control or its wiring may have been damaged.

The control circuitry may gave been damaged.

Given the price of a simple laminator it may be more economical to simply buy a new one. How much does your time cost per hour?

August 2021


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