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Pioneer PDR-609 recording from analog machine?

I have a Revox A77 reel to reel machine and want to digitise the recordings from the tapes. I have a Pioneer PDR-609 CDR machine and have connected the Revox direct to the CDR machine. I keep getting 'Din unlock' message. Why is this?
Is it because I have to connect both machines via an amplifier?
>I use the appropriate leads that are ok.
HELP please

Paul Quinton
October 2020
Forget the pioneer. I'd use a Windows PC with Audacity (which is free). You'll also need LAME encoder (which is also free but got reasons of copyright, can't be bundled)

You'll need to climb a learning curve but it shoud be worth it.

Once your recordings are compete, volumes equalised and tidied up etc, you can export to MP3 etc. and/or burn to CD etc.

October 2020


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