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Pioneer XV-DV313 DVD/CD Home Theatre System?

Pioneer XV-DV313 DVD/CD Home Theatre System
Regardless of Disc DVD/CD DVD/CD-R inserted which previously played OK Now only response when disc inserted - No Disc Inside - tried using a CD/DVD Masterplug Laser Lens cleaner disc to same result

October 2008
I had the same problem last year and cleaned mine with compressed air - Had no problems since... Until last night. Tried cleaning again with compressed air and with alcohol/cotton bud. Now wont play any DVD's at all just CD's. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm actually thinking of buying a new one - It's annoyed me so much!!

February 2009
Take off cover by unscrewing 2 sidescrews and 5 screws at back slide cover off plug a/c lead in and open disc tray turn off power and you can see lens clean with alcohol and earbud replace cover and screws had no problems since doing this hope this helps

January 2009
I had the same problem with any rented or any new movie dvds. Solved the problem by taking the lid off by removing the screws and cleaning the laser with an ear bud and some vodka. Job done, all dvds will play.

January 2009
I have the same problem. I have to clean the lens twice before it reads any dvd. Very annoying.

October 2008


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