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Pioneer DVD/CD Receiver XV-DV313 Buzzing noise gets louder?

I have a Pioneer DVD/CD Receiver XV-DV313 which I have had for about four years. It has worked perfectly ever since I have had it. Brilliant picture and fantastic sound. All functions work too. I really still like it very much.
However In the last two months I started noticing a buzzing sound comming from the unit itself, not from the speakers, (I know this because I disconnected all the seakers at one point). The noise gets louder and louder after 20 minutes of turning the unit on. It seems to be comming from the front right corner of the unit. It appears to correspond to the location of the power transformer, (I know this because I remember seeing a schematic chart somewhere on the internet, when my system was still problem free).

It has been sometime now since I have been trying to look for some answers to this problem. I have even considered just bying a power transformer and get someone who knows to solder it in for me. But despite looking everywhere, I coundn't locate one.

Can anyone help me out here please?
Does anyone know what the actual problem is?
Does anyone know where I could buy a power transformer for the Pioneer DVD/CD Receiver XV-DV313? The power could also be called a power supply.

Please help if you can.

(My baby son could then start watching his favourite cartoon DVDs again!!)

Many sincere thanks.


Phil Sul
June 2009
In the case of my Pioneer it was the transformer, the screws are short, get 4 slightly bigger ones and mount the tranformer on fibre washers.

Jim Pieman
June 2010
Hi Dr Kush and Phil -
Yes it is a shame youve had no advice from anyone, interesting how common the problem is! I ended up buying a new system (Sony) and the Pioneer needs t go - no point hanging on to it..

November 2009
I cannot help you with your problem, However I also have this problem! I hope to sell mine, but doubt I'll get a buyer with this issue. It's in the local paper cheap, very cheap, but I dont know how to explain the fault - you have pin pionted it more than I could have.. I hoped someone with knowledge of repairs would buy it and happily sort the issue out..
I cant bear to jut dump it.
Hope you have had some luck, I'd be interested in any help you can offer. Thank you

November 2009
Hi Phil ,

sad to see you have no answers yet . Truth is that I've got the same problem with my Pioneer home DVD system . Although I concede that the surround sound is very good , the system makes an awful buzzing noise after 20 minutes. In medical terms , it sounds like a tinnitus. It stays while the unit is warm/hot , and goes once I leave it for more than an hour to cool down . Then it starts right back up again .
Sad to say I googled "pioneer buzz noise " , and found literally dozens of people who have the same problem on their laptop DVD-Rs .
Simple answer , (I;m no expert ) is that all Pioneer DVDs have a higher risk of this kind of problem . My only solutions are to ask an electrician with more knowledge or just fork out another £300 and start again .
Now I know how common the problem , I won't ever buy Pioneer again . Its been an awful 3 years .

Dr Kush
August 2009


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