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vintage dualit timer replacement?

I have a reasonably old dualit 2 slice toaster seriel no 10/92.
It has a junghans timer, which according to dulait does not fit with the current timers so needs to be sent in and rewired, which would cost £50 + postage. When i asked which timer it would use, she said she didnt know. i would like to save 50 quid and do it myself. i think the re-wiring probably involves putting some special pins on which i could potentially do. ANy ideas.

March 2020
Hi Philippa,
You've not said what the actual fault with your timer is, it may indeed need rewiring but a well know fault is the clockwork mechanism getting stuck after the internal lubrication dries out after many years.
IF this is the problem, a really good post was made on this site a good few years ago that gave a comprehensive guide to repairing the mechanism.

Here is the link:

Click on this and scroll down to the 12th reply made by Martin in October 2012.

If this isn't relevant to the fault with your timer, reply with a description of what went wrong and I'll see if I can help with that instead.

March 2020

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