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Creda Night Storage Heater 79065B?

Have three heaters, one is working fine, one is emitting a smell when using up last of it's storage and the third does not appear to be working correctly as 'Room Temperature' control doesn't appear to alter temperature, and thermostat doesn't seem to activate. During the night discovered this heater was red hot and banging out heat, yet control was set on '2'.

Mal Welvin
March 2020
Hi Mal

Hope your safe and ok,
My Creda Heater 79065B has the same problem being red hot late at night (midnight onwards) did you resolve your problem? huge thanks John

December 2020
Two companies who may help you:

The overheating one may have a faulty charge thermostat.

Are you competent to work on mains electrical appliances and to do so safely?

March 2020


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