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How to switch off my electric storage creda heater? ?

So we moved into a new flat and it has just 1 very ancient Creda storage heater which has a switch on the wall. 2 nights ago I switched it on to dry some clothes but switched it back off again as I didn't think it was working.

Now a day later I've noticed the heater is warm!! And it's switched off at the wall so how can this be?! I'm terrified of running up a big electricity bill and can't figure out how to make it switch off.

It has 2 dials one for room temperature and another for night charge no idea how they work!! Any help appreciated I just want it to stop working.

June 2017
not answered my question.
not a creda. heatstore hs 55/1/7n

July 2017
You may have to review a few manuals but this may help a bit:

Have you asked the previous owner? Landlord?

If there is only one switch on the wall, that should be enough to turn Check for cables that disappear into the wall. or wall plate.

There are one or two spares outfits that seem quite helpful if you contact them. They may even be able to identify your heaters from photos

June 2017

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