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Glow plug light on ????

Can any one help i have a 2008 vauxhall vivaro 2.5 cdti the glow plug light is on no fault codes. How do i reset this please also the service light is on

January 2020
It seams to be running ok. a friend used to different fault code readers one hand held one and one wish he runs throw his laptop both can up with no codes

January 2020
Hi Jamie, Could you confirm if the engine is running normally as far as you can tell? Did you get zero fault codes after using a cheapie OBDII scanner or via Vauxhall OP-COM software?
Fault could possibly be related to the MAF sensor or boost pressure sensor, but a OP-COM scan would throw these up.

The hack for resetting service and oil lights is as follows:
With ignition off,
put accelerator to the floor,
then turn ignition on,
still holding accelerator pedal down, pump brake to the floor and release 3 times.
release throttle pedal, wait 10 seconds then switch ignition off.

January 2020

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