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Where can I get a wiring diagram or service manual for Bosch Classixx dryer?

I am getting no heat from my Bosch Classixx vented tumble dryer, model WTV74105GB. I have tested both thermostats for continuity which they have, but I dont know what resistance the hesting element should read, and how to test the NTC sensor.Can anyone help please?

October 2019
Thanks very much for the pointers, I'll open it up and get testing!

October 2019
Some Bosch models have a reset button on the back panel which cuts out if overheated. Push in hard to reset. Not sure of exact ohms the heater element should be but normally between 20 & 40 ohms should work ok. If open circuit then of course no heat at all. If element ok then I would trace the two wires from the heater back to the plug on the control board and take an ohms reading from there to make sure there is continuity right through to element and back. If open circuit then trace wires looking for the break in continuity. May be even a broken wire. If continuity is correct then it has to be a power supply problem.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
October 2019

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