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Bosch Classixx not heating even after trying red button reset ?

Model E-Nr WTL6103GB/05 FD 8312 201004
I've followed advice on your forum & tried pressing red button but it didn't move. Can you suggest anything I can try rather than calling out an engineer.
Thank you Roy

July 2016
Ok I've decided I don't want to be dead! So on your sound advice I'll get a qualified engineer in.
Thanks Roy

July 2016
You have the tools (One assumes you include a Multimeter in that term) but don't apparently have the knowledge or understanding to use it.

Call an engineer.

Electricity kills


July 2016
Thanks for replying
I have good tools & could change faulty parts but don't know how to find work out what part it needs. I guess it's some kind of element. Would that be easy to test & change?

July 2016
If you have pressed the red reset button firmly and it hasn't worked then nothing else you can do. Unless you have tools, a multimeter and knowledge of how to fault find a problem, which you haven't told us you do, then call a service company.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
July 2016


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