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Bosch Exxcel 7 WTW863S1GB damp clothes, clogging filter?

my tumble dryer has started to refuse to dry clothes. Recently moved it into the bathroom, in a tight corner, but beside window. On a normal dry cycle, it takes c. 30 mins then filter clean lights up, loads of damp fluff stuck all over filter and door. I clean it, start again, half an hour later - the same. its taking c. 7 hours to dry a normal load, with intermittent cleaning of filter in between. I clean it thoroughly, taking out both bits and emptying loads of fluff.
so: Is it the bathroom damp doing this?
Is it a fault?
Why is so much wet fluff coming out?

many thanks!


Samuel Odog
August 2017
I take it where it was moved from it was happily working and drying clothes but stopped since you moved it. Was there ventilation around the unit if so the tight corner could be the problem and if the unit has a thermal cut out it may have been activated to prevent overheating.
Have you no manual it says give room around the unit for ventilation. IF this IS the problem then put it back where it was working and work around it. Look in manual or source online find if there is a cut out and how to reset. If its not getting heat at all this could me elemen proble. Or broken element (heat coil)or fuse in plug. By a window is not enough. Packing it in area with no air circulation around unit is a fire hazard.

Bob uk
August 2017


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