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Reich Trend E Tap cartridge removal?

I found a 2009 answer on your site, except that the Trend E caravan mixer tap doesn't have a hot/cold plastic plug indicator on the front of the tap handle. I can remove the screw in post that is the tap control lever, but still can't remove the top of the tap to get at the internal workings. Is there another grub screw hidden on the Trend E tap?

Chris Norman
February 2018
Comparing the Trend E with the very similar Trend Color and Charisma taps.

Trend Color and Charisma have the plug, which is in about the same position as the screw-in lever on the E.

Have you checked to see if the grubscrew is accessible at the bottom of the hole where the lever attaches?

You could always ask the maker or

February 2018

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