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How can I sort my thermostat. Code: 20059643?

How come the heating does not come on when the override button is pressed.
Vokera vision 30c

Henry C Gowans
January 2018
Override button on WHAT? The boiler? The Thermostat?

I believe the Vokera boiler has a 7 year warranty. You may like to consider that and maybe check before poking around.

Boiler manual:

Thermostat manual:

From the thermostat manual:


Press and hold the selector switch for 2 seconds and the icon
will appear and the boiler will operate for heating until it reaches the next off setting
To switch off from this, simply press the selector switch again for 2 seconds and the icon will disappear and the boiler will be off until the next on setting

Are you pressing for at least 2 seconds?

January 2018

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