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Can I use my unit without using the Window Kit? It's a Medea made in china?

The window kit and the hose that goes with my Medea (Midea?) portable air conditioner are broken, Is it possible to use the unit with out them, or rig something up, somehow. I have tried to get a new Kit from the distributor in Melbourne, to no avail. The unit is made in china. I could buy a new one, same brand, but there is nothing wrong with the actual unit. I was just sitting there thinking & asked myself, can I use it without them? If so how, if not, why not?
Please help, it is very very hot in my rented house, virtually nothing in the roof to buffer the heat, either.

December 2016
You may be able to cook something up with a tumble dryer hose (or anything else that will fit), a sheet of plywood, some duct tape and some ingenuity

December 2016
It's an air conditioner - it has one entry for room air and two exits - one cold - back into the room - and the other warm to the outside world.

Go ahead and use it without the window kit but don't expect much of a cooling effect - don't expect any cooling effect.

You could go to a hardware store and buy the stuff you need to make your own window kit. You need to direct the warm air outside.

Stay Cool...
December 2016

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