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drain pipe?

How to extend the drain hose to go outside and not in the bucket

January 2016
I recall a condensate tank and automatic pump that can be fitted alongside a condensing boiler, which allows condensate to be tranferred to a remote or higher level drain.

Here's a few. Mount at the normal drain level from the a/c uynit and the pump should lift condensate out as you need.

You'll need to do a bit of thinking though
January 2016
Ellen - what you seek to do is not realistic - not practical.

To begin with the exhaust water in a dehumidifier is gravity fed - not pumped - you will need to raise your dehumidifier higher then the outlet to get the water to flow.

Cut a hole in the case for the hose to pass through - cut a hole in the wall to get the water outside of the property - cut a hole in the water reservoir to fit an outlet that you can connect the hose to. The dehumidifier will then be fixed to one place - it will be very awkward to move it to a different room.

Anyway - these are the things you will need to do to achieve what you want - I would advise you not to try.

Good Luck...
January 2016

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