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vokera boiler not 2yrs old yet , wont work?

the red light is staying on which is not a good sign, have managed to get pressure gauge to normal level as it does tend to drop frequently but it usually sorts itself once ive done that. i spoke to vokera cus/serv earlier & reset the heating dial, it then showed willing & a green light flashed but then the reverted back to the solid red light. by then the office had closed. have even bled my rads just incase they were upseting the boiler system. i really am a novice lass with this sort of issue but i have had a go as if i dont no 1 else will. i will end up getting it fixed vokera want £60 to service it but am a bit peed off as its only 2 yrs old in feb, any ideas are welcome ps oh yeh the boilers bn making some louder than usual swishy/gulping "noises it ready for scrap yard? ;-), only joking but by eck its v cold in here at mo

December 2016
"have managed to get pressure gauge to normal level as it does tend to drop frequently" - it shouldn't be doing that. Pressure is going SOMEWHERE

"bled my rads just incase they were upseting the boiler system. " - that may have dropped the pressure again; you'll be able to check properly with the system cold.

Did you register your boiler (Vokèra Linea One, Unica i, Mynute i or Vision boiler)? That'd have given you a 5 year warranty on the boiler instead of 12 months. -

Dunno about other Vokèra boiler models.

Vokèra do offer fixed price repair:

That'll probably only be the boiler, so go round as much of the rest of the system as you can and eliminate that as a reason for losing system pressure thru a leak. Check for weeps and leaks at each pipework joint you can find, each rad valve, each drain off valve and each bleed valve.

There will also be a pipe that leads to the outside, which relieves overpressure in the system, via a pressure relief valve (PRV). Check this isn't weeping, which would suggest a problem with the pressure relief valve (Tie a plakkie bag over the end and see what collects).

If Vokèra are like Glow Worm, they may offer a 1 off fixed price call out (Beware: that may or may not include cover for the heat exchanger and the expansion vessel) and an alternative thru the likes of Domestic & General for a monthly fee. That MAY include the other items. The Glow worm offering was £299 for a fixed price one off callout or £50 a month for a minimum of 6 months for a service contract - Still £300 total and with service still provided by a Glow Worm engineer who has all the bits in his van. No contest really.

Plenty of Google search results that are for similar problems.

Some that may help:

December 2016

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