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My humax youview constantly says nearly ready?

I've tried all of the maintenance mode options but they all fail

June 2016
Which bpx is this? For some reason you decided not to say.

I did what you could have done - a Google search - and found this for the DTR-T1010:

"The 8-second reset is not on the menu. Touch the power button on the box for just over 8 seconds, then let go. The box should reboot. Always worth trying first, so I would give it a go now, just in case.

"If it doesn't help, then, depending who you bought it from, and how much process you're prepared to go through, you might want to consider contacting whoever you bought it from. Failing that, then you might as well just take out the HDD to reuse, and send the box for recycling. Very unlikely anyone's going to buy a T1010 for spares/repair. "

June 2016


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