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picture is to large for the tv screen?

humax rt-531b the picture is so large the tops of the actors heads are cut off on screen

bob c
April 2016
RT531B is a remote control Humax PVR-9150T, PVR-9200T, and PVR-9300T models

May one suggest that you get the manuals for the PVR you have and read about setting the display format?

This is the manual for a PVR-9150T. Check out the last button descscribed at the bottom of Page 13

If your TV shows anything but a normal picture when using its own tuner (Watching TV rather than anything form the PVR) you may need to look at a comparable setting on your TV.

Seems to be a case of RTFM

Did I say RTFM?
April 2016

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