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Humax HDR Fox T2 on the blink?

I have an HDR Fox T2 which is on the blink. I've tried factory re-set (worked fine) and have also downloaded the company's software and installed it through the USB port (also worked fine), but the problems remain: controller stops working (freeze out), doesn't record, won't backtrack, sometimes says 'nothing being broadcast on this channel'. Switching off at plug brings it back/controllable for a short time and then we're back to the freeze-out.
Can anyone advise?
Many thanks! Malcolm

January 2016
Had a Hummy HDR some time ago that I "acuired" as non-working. Turned out to be acracked track under the PSU board (If I recall correctly, around the inductors close to the output conections). A few minttes with some tinned stranded wire and careful bridging all the dodgy track and it was running again.

You could check the PSU capacutirs - some fail.

See also some dedicated Hummy forums

Loads more out there.

January 2016


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