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will more ram make comp. faster?

We have
lenovo pentium -dual core e5400 -x 2.70ghz slimline with
4gb ddr2 ram --150gb h/d -using 50gb -100gb free
only do emails and google -no games
regularly defrag etc -

will the comp. go faster with more RAM
if so can i buy cheap stuff from china?

October 2015
Here’s the mail I got recently for my problem
I would suggest you to refer to the Methods provided below and check if they help in resolving the issue.

Method 1:
Follow the steps provide in the article below to resolve the issue:
Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7

October 2016
i am having bad pool caller probleim in my pc.

October 2016
Best bang for your buck is to switch from a normal hard drive to an SSD drive. These run much faster and make a huge difference to things like boot up time.

January 2016
thanks heaps for great answers
it is 64 bit

October 2015
More RAM can make the computer faster, up to a point.

If you are running a 32 bits version of Windows, you can't benefit from more than 4 Gb of RAM as it's the largest quantity of RAM that your system can adress. In this case, adding more RAM is totaly futile.

If you are running the 64 bits version, then, it's recomended to have at least 8 Gb of RAM. If that's your case, adding another 4 Gb of RAM WILL realy improve your performances. You'll go from minimal RAM to recomended RAM. In this case, going to 12 or even 16 Gb can slightly improve your performances.

Next, do some cleaning:
You should uninstall ANY toolbar. Most are useless anyway.
Also, uninstall any application that you don't use. You may find many that you don't remember ever installing. Those are probably the result of parasitic installs that often come with some legitimate applications installers.

Periodicaly do a cleanup of useless files that tend to accumulate. CCleaner is very good for that task. It can suppress old files from the internet cache, old and forgotten temporary files, and other such stuff. It's probably the safest cleanup utility.

Get Spybot and have it scan your system. it can get rid of many unwanted non-viral but nefarious programms.

Get some good anti-virus, have it set to autoupdate and let it scan your computer.
Some propositions of FREE anti-virus:
AVG from

If you opt to have more than one installed, ONLY one should be set to work in the background. The other(s) should be used for "manual" scans.

For your browser, despite what it's fanbase can say, Chrome IS NOT THE FASTEST browser. In my experience, Firefox is faster, especialy on a lower end machine.
The AddBlock plus addon is a MUST HAVE!
Disconnect is only a paranoid thing.
Install the NoScript addon. Combined with AddBlock Plus, it realy improve your experience and safety.

Defragmenting once a year IS NOT enough. It should be done at least monthly, but ONLY for conventional drives.
You must NEVER EVER defragment an SSD. It can damage them.

October 2015
More than 4GB RAM is utterly pointless if you have a 32 bit operating system installed anyway. Is your Windows 32 bit or 64 bit?

Check for crapware that has installed itself, typically as a parasitic add-on to other programs - extra toolbars for Internet Explorer is a typical example. The pond life at Ask seem to delight in forcing their wares on the unwary, for instance.

Be VERY CAREFUL inded with Registry cleaning. Unless you are 100% confident you UNDERSTAND what you are doing, do't do it.

October 2015
No it will not - it went plenty fast when it was new - and it still goes plenty fast now although you wouldn't think so

What you experience is slow response because the machine is doing more and more things as time passes - things you don't know about.

Annoying software gets itself an entry in the Start Up list and runs at start time - you can stop this...

Right click in the start bar at the bottom of the screen and select Task Manager - select the Startup Tab and deselect (uncheck) everything.

Reboot the machine and before doing anything go to Task Manager again and select the Processes Tab.

Scan up and down the column that shows %CPU - there may be a total figure at the top - it should be low varying from 1% to perhaps 5% but certainly lower than 10%.

If the %CPU figure is excessive then discover which process is causing it and select End Task.

Download and install the Google Chrome browser - add to it two gadgets - both free - Adblock Plus and Disconnect - Use this browser as your default. Go to a newspaper site - any newspaper - and see what advantage Disconnect is giving. Dozens of connections that without Disconnect you would not know about.

Download and Install Piriform's CCleaner - and run it - it has a Registry Cleaner - run that too.

You already defragment the disk - once a year is more than enough.

Download IObit Uninstaller - and consider removing all the programmes you never use.

Add more memory if you wish but do not expect to see much improvement - if any.

Some programmes require lots of memory to run - more than the system has available - the Operating System gets over this by swapping programme code in and out from the disk - in these circumstances more memory will speed things up because disk transfers are slow in comparison.

Based on what you say I very much doubt that more memory will be useful.

Good Luck...
October 2015

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