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My Humax YouView Set Top Box suddenly making a purple picture?

My Humax YouView box is making a purple picture.

When I turn it on and my TV on I either get no picture from the YouView box or a purple screen and no sound.

After a while (during which I've normally turned the YouView box and TV on and off a few times) the box starts to work normally. I have changed the HDMI cable and this made no difference. I don't think this has been caused by the kids changing a setting.

Any idea?

July 2015
I purchased a new high speed quality HDMI cable and the issue with purple screen went straight away and has never returned

November 2020
Unplug from mains. Then plug in again. fixed

December 2016
Or pink picture as in my case !
My workaround is this -
Tuned TV to work independently of Humax stb.
(New tv setup as you would without a Humax.)
Connected Humax via scart to TV to access programme recording facility, using 'ext' setting.
Now I watch most programmes using the 'TV' source setting in HD.
I switch to back to 'ext' source setting to watch recorded programmes.
TV direct access = No pink screen !!
ext via scart = No pink screen !!

I know it's more involved but I gave up looking for a 'solution''. At least this works !

July 2016
Faced a similar issue. I fixed this by ensuring the HDMI lead was properly connected at the back of the unit!

June 2016
Yes. If YOU read these sites, none have the answer. Hence my question. (Posting a link to Let me Google That For You is not helpful.)

July 2015
Lots of stuff on the web suggest this is a common problem (you DID search for yourself, didn't you?).

Found this:

July 2015


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