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speedo not working ?

leyland daf roadrunner 8.13 , speedo not working, i know it has tacko , but we don't use it as its a horsebox.
Is there anything i can check before i need a sparky or specialist

April 2015
do you use tacho for speedo, if so you need to make sure that you have the clear plastic discs in place of paper discs.if you use paper discs the stylus will eventually wear the disc away causing fault.try using 2 new paper discs to check it works ok,if still faulty the ribbon connector could be broken.

April 2015
well you need to find the speed sensor on the truck first, if you have the Haynes manual will tell you were the sensor is on the truck. all they are is a cable with a screw in head, and a power plug on the other end, look them up, you should get one on ebay. not hard to change once you can get at them,

April 2015

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