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PVR200T slow response to remote?

My Humax PVR200T has begun to respond to the remote control only after a delay of many seconds. It is sometimes necessary to reboot, and I have restored the default settings and gone through the procedure for setting the channels (manually) but these have not removed the delay behaviour. Remote has new batteries. Two years ago I cleaned the clock board.

I believe I am up to date with the software (version PGXTF 1.00.23).

Any help appreciated, thanks.

September 2014
Thank you for that. I have chucked out 62 channels that I will never conceivably watch, and so far the improvement seems spectacular.

October 2014
What I find is that the struggle to populate the guide slows the 9200T response to the remote far too much.

The only cure I know of reducing the slow down to usable levels is to miss out one of the frequencies when manually retuning after deleting all channels.

Neil S
October 2014


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