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How can I fix my Delongi Magnifica Coffeemaker ESAM 3500?

I have a Delonghi Magnifica Coffeemaker ESAM3500. It is about 5 years old.
It does not power on. When I turn the power off to reboot and then on the diagnostics go on for a couple of seconds, but no message is displayed. Then the machine is dead.

What could be wrong? It it worth repairing or just buy another machine?

September 2014
I put beans in the powder compartment, how can I fix this?

October 2014
I have missed my Delonghi coffees for 2 weeks now, looking around for another suitable coffeemaker and daily turning on my non-working machine hoping that it would magically start up and resume its task.
Lo and behold this evening I got the “heating up” message and I was able to make a couple of coffees. I was elated and am hoping that it will start up again tomorrow.
This bring me to my next question, could there be an internal water leakage which has taken 2 weeks to dry up which has caused the malfunction?

September 2014
There will be a sort of computer - a rudimentary logic engine that runs the diagnostic - clearly it's not working - or the display is not working. I assume the machine will not brew you a cup of coffee either?

You may have issues finding a repair solution - and certainly paying for a repair. There are several Delonghi service agents listed on the internet but a house call will not be cheap.

On Amazon in the UK the Magnifica costs £280.

Good luck...

Ken Kho
September 2014


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