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how can i get this to work?

Why wont my GE universal remote model 24922 work on my model wf2703 symphonic TV

July 2014
Symphonic. . ........................................ 5001

Direct Code Entry (Recommended)

1. Locate the Remote Code List provided

in this manual. Find the DEVICE

CATEGORY you wish to program (for

example TV, DVR, CBL, DVD, SAT,

AUX) and then find the BRAND of that

device. Circle all the codes under that

brand. Example: For a GE TV, locate the

TV code section then circle all of the

GE TV codes.

2. Manually turn on the device you wish

to control.

3. Press and hold the SETUP button

until the red indicator light stays on

(approximately 4 seconds) and then

release the SETUP button.

4. Press and release the desired device

button on the remote (TV, DVR, CBL,

DVD, SAT, AUX). The red indicator will

blink once and then remain on.

5. Enter the first 4-digit code previously

found in the code list using the

number buttons on the remote. If the

code entered is a valid code, the red

indicator light will turn off. If the code

entered is not a valid code, the red

indicator light will flash and remain on

allowing you to re-enter the code.

Note: If no buttons are pressed for 10

seconds, the remote will exit the SETUP

mode and you will have to start over.

July 2014

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