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humax pvr-9150t - password issues?

Hi there, an ex house-mate changed my password on my humax pvr-9150t and did not inform me of this...he has now moved on after being asked to leave so i suspect he kinda did it out of spite...

Please, does any-one know how i can get around this issue eg: re-set button, way round having to know password in order to access installation option.

July 2014
Many thanks , this solution works for a PVR 9200 as well :)

Ady B-)
November 2014
You can reset your password by using a hidden menu available from the status screen.
Do not attempt to change any other options from the hidden menu.

To get to the status screen, press the Menu button. Then select System -> Status. With the status menu on screen, press the coloured buttons in this order:
red > green > yellow > blue > yellow > green > red.

A 'Hidden Menu' will appear, from which you can reset the password to 0000.

Do not attempt to change any other options from this menu.

By the way did I mention not to attempt to change any other options from the hidden menu?

(Details originally posted on by FenderBender. That forum no longer exists)

Neil S
July 2014


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