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Help repair reset Pioneer Elite SC 25?

Hi all,
When I plugged in SC25 Standby bright blue light on. but the display does not work. Wan to turn it off. I press the Standby 10s it off .when I press the Stanby to turn, on display SC25 appears POWER ON and are not active. I tried unplug and plug back and hold Stanby 10S it off. Once turned on,the display SC25 appears POWER ON. and buttons and remote are not working. I cant' reset as guide SC25 I use these speakers are 8 ohm. Did not examine the entire matter. I suggest detailed step by step guide to fix this situation. I was in Hanoi Vietnam PIONEER service pack, but they do not know what to do with PIONEER Elite SC25. because they have not seen it ever. I appreciate your help ( my situation í that many people encounte (on http// but I do not see how to solve it.
I have mail for USA PIONEER ear because they help, but they said they can not be guided through the mail, they bring to the USA proposal to fix, but for me it is not possible. I also came to Vietnam by Pioneer Services of repair but they can not ever SC 25.I do not know how to fix it, wish he guided me step by step details to check and repair.
We thank you.

January 2014


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