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Hewlett packard?

cant seem to burn any thing on my pc no music or vidios nothing ...Can you help????

Graham T
August 2013
Can you burn regular data? If you can't burn ANYTHING, you may have a defective writer, or a reader with NO burning capability.

Are you using the burning ability offered by Windows itself?
If yes, try using some other burning application. Many are available for free. Do a search for "DVD burner" AND free.

Maybe you have a CD/DVD reader. A reader can't burn anything.
Maybe your CD/DVD writer is deffective.

Get and install a new DVD writer. They are relatively cheap. If available, an OEM version is very good and cheaper: As it come in a simple anti-static bag, you save on packaging and from the absance of bundled applications that you don't realy need.

August 2013

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